What I’ve been up to

Hey there, sorry for the slight lag in blogging time, but I blog as I need to and as i have things that I need or want to blog about, sometimes things seems forced and honestly I don’t want to put those things in here because I would rather write when my heart is in it.

I actually have been keeping so busy with some really fun things that have been happily eating up all my free time, I would love to share them with you here:

1. Doing……

aside from diligently ramping up my practice, I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about Tara Stiles form of Yoga,she has been labeled somewhat controversial for her different laid-back approach to Yoga, but when you find a lifestyle that truly speaks to you and seems to fit your life, you really don’t care what other people are saying lol. This woman is fantastic and her way of thinking just makes SENSE. Perfect. Beautiful. Sense. One of her key phrases is


“you are a space maker”

to me that means, YOU and only YOU have the keen ability to create ease and space in your life, at the end of the day, you may not be able to control your circumstances but you ARE in control of how you react to them, you

“create your own space” she is truly a muse for my daily life. And whats even better, I wrote her an email asking how best to get into a pose i was having a hard time with, and SHE ANSWERED! To me that’s a real big thing, not to mention, her advice is what helped me to actually ACCOMPLISH Crow Pose!

2. Reading……


I cracked open my first book of the winter, A House In The Sky, the story of Amanda Lindhout.

In 2008, Journalist Amanda and friend Nigel were in war-torn Mogadishu taking photos and looking for stories, after only a few days in one of the most dangerous places on earth, they were captured by an Islamic Fundamentalist Group linked to the Taliban. Her story outlines the 15 months of hell they endured while being help prisoner until ransom money was paid. I could not put this book down and finished it in only four days. Read it, you will not regret it!

3. Eating….

Well let’s be honest, I have been eating just about anything I can get my hands on, I seem to get more ravenous in the cooler weather, but I have been cooking more and more whole , natural foods. Warm soups, healthy treats, fresh-baked breads. I am really trying to get all the processed junk out of my pantry and spend weekends instead, preparing homemade soups and pure, genuine, delicious food. Nutrition for body and mind alike….


4. Learning……

I starting trying to knit once again. ( every year I try this and never get very far before I get frustrated) But this year I bought different needles, and some new yarn and suddenly, finally certain things are beginning to make sense,I even fixed a dropped stitch the other day with out get discouraged and throwing it all away…..Heck I may actually be able to FINISH a scarf this year! The constant repetitive movement is entirely soul soothing, even if my stitches aren’t very pretty, I think it’s the constant motion that brings me solace.

So yeah there ya have it, that is how I have been occupying my time 🙂 Oh and of course seeking out and drinking ANYTHING pumpkin spice, while lighting pumpkin spice candles lol. yeah I’m one of THOSE people lol.

Hope your fall is going well so far!


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