The past month I have been feeling a true pull back to simplicity,sometimes I feel like life acquires too much clutter, too many processes, to many passwords needless activities ect.

When life gets too overcrowded, it becomes harder and harder to see through all the junk to what matters most.

So here are some things that I have done recently to simplify ,my life

-Cut my hair, a good bit of it too! i couldn’t handle it anymore I needed something cute but low maintenance, so I got a layered bob.


This is what it looked like when I came out of the salon last saturday,now it’s got a nice blunt edge to it and styles up super easy.

– Started eating simply, this is an ongoing process, removing junk from my life has bled over into removing junk from my diet, more fruits veggies and simple grains, less manufactured garbage and meats. This also has seemed to make grocery shopping SO MUCH easier

– Cleaned out my blog roll, any blogs that make me anxious or ignites that little fire of wanting to compare myself to other, GONE.

My time is precious, so why not read only things that enlighten and delight you!

-Quit trying to fit so much into one day,because you know what, my house isn’t going to be clean everyday, the dishes arent going to be done everyday, as long as my husband and child are fed and loved, then the dishes can wait. or if we have a billion things going on in one day and we don’t make it to every party we are invited to then….oh well….why force ourselves if we are just going to be crabby and tired when we get there.

– Going through all my stuff, and by stuff I mean, EVERYTHING, clothes, possessions, work stuff, thin it out, get rid of duplicates (do I really need 18 highlighters?, or high heel boots I don’t wear anymore because they make my feet hurt?…NO)

-Just relax regimented processes, and learn to let go a bit. i have to learn that I absolutely cannot ( no matter how much I may think so) control the universe, sometimes you have to just let life ebb and flow,go with it, move WITH your life not against it.

Clarity……I tell you it is a beautiful thing 🙂

Practicing these self imposed guidelines, has given me more time to do things like this.


Baking with my little man……who absolutley LOVES to help me bake and cook

And wow, check this out, I have actually settled down enough to finally learn how to knit properly


Pretty damn amazing that is…..

So go out , enjoy life, power down once and awhile, love and honor all that is good for your sould….and the rest…well it can just wait 😉


2 thoughts on “S I M P L I C I T Y”

  1. Oh the simple life is truly wonderful. I’ve got so much to clear out in our house and also in my head (that’s actually the problem more than everything around me) – to achieve bit more serenity. Hudson looks so adorable baking. Love the chair he is standing on!

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