Oh the friends you will make…..

My son has always had a few play mates here and there, but we really couldn’t wait for him to start preschool and meet even more friends, this kid is social for real, he has no problem going into a room of kids and just walking up and saying “hi i’m Hudson, wanna play?” and honestly I am so proud of him for that, he gets it from his daddy lol, I was so shy at that age,he has many girlfriends and a good gaggle of guy friends.

He refers to his friend Luke as “an old friend I have known for a long time” and every time he sees his friend Liam, they give each other the “Bro hug” wich looks something like this:


He told me last night he met a new friend at school, I asked what his name was and he says “his name is Joey, but we call him big Joe” I asked why do you call him big joe? He replies “I don’t know….we just do…” Sigh so is the toddler code of ethics,…reveal NOTHING…..except every once in a while when something leaks out……like a few nights ago, he was in the bathtub and he was talking about another new girlfriend “Kara” whom he calls “Carol”. he say “hey mommy, today I was talking to this girl in class and she was being funny and making me laugh and I looked at her and go (Puts his open palm in the air next to his face and rolls his eyes) You’re Killin me Carol!!!” lol…four years old and he is already talking like Archie Bunker lol.

And lets not forget his slew of other lady friends, Including one older woman he gets to see at Bowling every Sunday, we like to refer to her as “The Child Whisperer” she is 13 and this kid is in LOVE, she made him a friendship bracelet,reads him stories, wins him little stuffed animals out of the claw machine, it’s amazing what this kid can do to the ladies lol…….I seriously think my brother-in-law needs to take him out with him one night lol…..he can be a little wing man.







2 thoughts on “Oh the friends you will make…..”

  1. The toddler code – reveal nothing! I know that so well. My son goes once a week to art school for hour and half and I do not know what they do in there. My lil man reveals nothing what so ever! He is still having difficulty to really make little friends as English still is the dominant language and obviously the kids here now speak Finnish. All in good time.

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