I have the best hubby…..

I was sitting at my desk minding my own business today doing my work, when I get a call from my Husband to come out side real quick. I go out and My son reaches through the truck window with a dozen red roses!! And My Husband reaches over with a large coffee! I was so surprised I nearly choked on the Goldfish Cracker I was in the process of eating when I came out.

And the best part, they did it just because they loved me lol. i walked back into work (after covering the both of them with kisses) and I had a couple of people immediately ask “ok what did he do?” well that’s just it, he didn’t “DO” anything. I am blessed enough to have a hubby that just does stuff for me, whether its sneaking my car out and filling up the tank, or just picking me up my fave ice cream when I’m having a bad day, and i try to do nice things for him in return, we are lucky because we both LOVE to surprise each other 🙂 and after nearly ten years together I think that is really saying something. 😉




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