Either you LOVE grilled cheese….or you’re wrong….


The one food I could eat day in and day out with out an issue, is grilled cheese, I don’t think I have even had a bad grilled cheese, usually the ones you find in cheap restaurants like Friendlys and Eat N Park, are the best, that cheap processed melty cheese nestled between two thick slices of texas toast with a nice coating of butter…..mmmmm. Super comfort food for this girl, add a cold dreary rainy day and a hot bowl of tomato soup, and you got yourself a cozy little pick me up.

In Cleveland we have a restaurant that has gained national popularity, called MELT, they specialize in all sorts of different grilled cheeses, and while some of my peers would debate me on this, they ruined grilled cheese ( at least for me anyway) i guess I would rather experiment in my own kitchen. I don’t like too many hands in my grilled cheese…..just lay off yo…

My grandmother used to love to put horseradish mayonnaise on her grilled cheese sandwiches, and my own mother put miracle whip salad dressing on them, I prefer three basic items, Processed cheese ( Yes I know that goes against my fight to eat all real food, but again…..back off man, when it comes to my comfort food, it’s gotta be done right) white bread ( thin, thick, doesn’t matter to me) and butter, lots and lots of butter.

I did however see THIS on pinterest and would be willing to try it.


Because bacon rocks my socks, and I mean how can anything be BAD with bacon???

You have top be careful with what you add to grilled cheese or you risk making into a patty melt….and if I wanted that, I’d go to Dennys and get a Tbird .


Then there is the soup, I grew up with Campbell’s tomato soup made with milk, my husband likes his with water, AMYS brand also makes a killer chunky tomato bisque. But I am not a grilled cheese dipper, I prefer to keep them separate. Bite, slurp,bite,slurp.

It really is the perfect meal.

What is your favorite way to make grilled cheese?


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