Remodel Project- Master Bedroom

Our poor bedroom has been the most neglected room in our house,design wise, we kept pushing it back, finally we decided that we are rather tired of looking at the lack of wall decor, the same old worn down bedding and colorless walls. Usually the husband and I have the same design tastes,but for some reason we went rounds on how to decorate the bedroom, wich is essentially why I believe it took so long for us to get this point at all.

Well I am proud to say we finally agreed on just about everything we wanted to do in that room. So without further adieu, here is our plan:


1. Colors: Valspar Autumn Russet for the wall behind the bed,Olympic Spiced Vinegar for the wall directly across from the bed, The rest of the walls are the current cream color they are now.

2. Bedside tables – We already had these they are from the American Signature Collection

3. Key Wall Art from Etsy for the wall across from the bed

4. Rusty Gear or small rusty car parts for the wall on the left of our bed

(I am leaving this in my husbands hands, we agreed that I get one wall he gets the other, as long as the two designs go together we can do what we want, he claims he will get his wall done first….hmph! We will see about that 😉

5. Always Kiss Me Goodnight Wood Sign, we have had this sign since we got married and we just love it too much to ever really part with it 🙂

6. Faux Leather headboard I scored on Clearance from Sears ( whoohoo!!) In seven years we have not had a headboard so this is BIG NEWS.

7. Cream and tan accent pillows plus navy blue pillow shams for the bed

8. Speaking of the bed!! We fell in loooooove with this Ralph Lauren Deauville Comforter, Oh my goodness, so pretty, and totally fills my need to accent the orange color with navy blue.

I am really excited because we just bought the paint for the wall behind the bed and are going to paint this sunday, and then assemble the headboard,  YAY!! I a bedroom I may actually want to lay in lol. More updates as they happen! Have a fabulous weekend!



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