This is sorta a big deal

Before I show you these photos, let me give you some background on this little guys eating habits.


My son is a good eater, and by good I don’t mean that he eats a lot, but rather he eats EXTREMELY healthy, mostly all on his own, he will devour a plate of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes carrots ect, or fruits. Barley eats any meat at all, although every now and then he goes on a chicken nugget binge, no hamburgers no fish, cheese has to be either in stick form or shredded “white and yellow cheeses” as he puts it. Hates chocolate ( I know whose kid is this????) has an occasion sweet tooth and loves Peanut butter ( smooth only) and yogurt pops…….Pop corn, pasta…..ect.

So imagine my surprise, while as a birthday party for his friend Delaney, he did something he has NEVER done before…




O…M….G you guys……HE TOOK A BIT OF PIZZA….never has he EVER done that, the only thing I can figure, is that he was around other kids who were so diligently digging into their pieces and though well he just might as well take a bite…..and he did…..annnnnnd he didn’t like it.

He looks at me and goes “um mommy?…uh…….I dont like this” …SIGH….well I tried, actually I didn’t even TRY he did it on his own, and for that I am truly grateful!!! I swear it is the little things sometimes.

BTW he is in his bare feet because the party was at a gymnastics studio…….Just in case you questioned my parenting skills LOL


2 thoughts on “This is sorta a big deal”

  1. Oh bless. Your little one has truly got great eating habits. I wish mine wasn’t such a picky eater. Veggie wise it’s only carrots. Last Sunday he had some lettuce on his plate (n restaurant) and he started eating it saying “this is really good!” So…you never know…maybe this picky eating is just a phase.

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