Bedroom Big Reveal!




We really couldn’t be happier with the way the bedroom turned out, painting the wall behind the bed just brought so much depth into our little room, we actually WANT to go bed now, we get a nice welcoming feeling from it.



Comforter Ralph Lauren Deauville Comforter/ Pillow Shams Sears/ Paint Color Autumn Russet Valspar








The little man finds it comfy 🙂





Husbands Dresser





My Antique dresser, a gift from my husband when we were first married




I always have my favorite photo of my mom pinned to my mirror





Gift from good friends on my 30th Birthday 🙂 ( i collect pin up girl stuff)


and remember the bet between the husband and i on who would finish their wall first? Well technically i won, but on only by technicality really, at the last minute I changed my mind on what I wanted over there and ended up sticking the pinup girl photo there instead and really liked it so I just left it, which gave me an unfair advantage on time, so…….like i said I technically won but… not really… I will put up more photos when he finishes his rusty car part wall collage.



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