Hello November!

So Halloween is over, as well is October, giving way to November, that super busy month between Halloween and Christmas. So much to do and so much excitement! I love this time of year!

This month we are :

1.Cooking: My homemade Cranberry Sauce, I love the way it makes the house smell and I could just eat it all day, I’m not a turkey fan so this is one of my thanksgiving mainstays. I may post the recipe if enough people would like to hear it 😉 it beats canned anyday!


2. Shopping For: A warm durable winter jacket, looking for a well made one that will last for years,and keep me warm in Cleveland Lake Effect Snow Storms! This one from Lands End may be an option.



3. Crafting: Knitted wrist warmers, they wont be as elaborate as these ( I Just love cable knit) but they will be warm!!


4. Listening To: Florence and The Machine loving ( Only if for the night)


5. Doing: Lots of nature walks with my husband and the kiddo, such a beautiful time to go out and get some fresh air!!

What_Are_You_Hungry_For slim-calm-sexy

6. Reading: Tara Stiles Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and after it’s release on November 12th, Deepak Chopras new book “What are you Hungry For?”


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