Knit Addict


So I have a new found addiction…..knitting….I finally managed to teach myself how to do it properly ( with a little guidance from a veteran knitter) and now, I can’t stop!!

This is what I made so far:


Knitted headband, cowl and wrist mitts


Earwarmer Headband

I used a super chunky yarn for these items because I wanted to go warmth, and BOY ARE THEY WARM

Next I want to work with a finer yarn and make some little mittens for my little man, i am still working flat and seaming pieces together, I haven’t taken the plunge to knitting in the round yet, but that’s my next move.

The mittens will prove a little challenging because I will need to learn increases and decreases, everything I have knit up to now has been pretty much a straight line.

Once I get the mittens done, I really want to move onto CABLES!!! I am just fascinated with cable knitting.

Below are some of the pieces I would like to recreate.



Image Via Three Birds Nest


Mittens I want to make for the little man , Picture Via Cozy Cape Cottage

If you are interested in becoming a knitting addict, I recommend these three sites that have been most helpful in firing up my addiction.

how too/cute designs

Free patterns and cheap patterns

Very very easy to understand how to videos, I learned the most from this site


1 thought on “Knit Addict”

  1. Really pretty things you have knit! I can knit scarves and woollen socks – but I do not like knitting. Too many needles i.e. for sock. Crochet is much more fun and I usually manage to keep the stitches going ok. With knitting I always manage to loose some or have too many.

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