My Morning Ritual


I wanted to share with you all my daily morning ritual, being as I practice Yoga, I am also a fan of the ancient Indian medicinal practice of Ayurveda. Without going into a long drawn out discussion on what Ayurveda is, I’ll give you a cliff notes version. it loosley translates to “life knowledge” or “science of life” basically it uses nartual oils and rituals to help the body heal and cleanse itself.

It doesn’t take up that much time in the morning and you won’t believe how good it makes you feel.

Daily Ayurvedic Morning Ritual

1. Scrape your tounge-As soon as you get up and get into the bathroom, scrape your tounges from back to front, they do sell basice tounge scrapers, but i actually have on on the back of my tooth brush. Note that you want to do this BEFORE you brush your teeth. Your body secrets lots of toxins over night, and this is an effective way to not only freshen your breath, but also to help rid your body of some toxic buildup.


2. Warm Sesame Oil Self Massage– Take warm sesame oil (Sesame is best but you CAN use Olive Oil (you want a pure non manufactured oil) Start at your neck and massage down your body, going over your belly in round clockwise circles ,massage your back around your kidneys in small circles, your hips and then use long strokes on your thighs and calves, finish with your feet.

From here you can either take a shower and wash off the oil , or leave it on ( I have dry skin so I don’t mind leaving it on)

Self massage is another way to get circulation moving, wake up the body and your disgestive system.

3. Clear Nasal Passages– Some people use a neti pot to do this, but I am not a fan on neti Pots, it always feels like I’m drowning. Instead I get a basic bottle saline nasal spray and give a few good squirts up each nostril, tilt my head back and from side to side, then blow it all out, it helps to moisturize the nasal passages and clear out any congestion.

4. Do some gentle Yoga poses– seriously this only take a few minutes, a good routine to try is Tara Stiles “Swaying in the breeze” sequence, look it up on you tube, it’s nice and flowy and really wakes you up.


5. Pour your self a hot cup of water with lemon and honeyРSip this before coffee or eating,it alkalizes the body and helps to wake up your digestive system as well.

Now go forth and have GREAT DAY!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “My Morning Ritual”

  1. Sound like great routine but I couldnt do it as have to go to work for 7 and it takes me good 40 mins to get myself ready for work with breakfast etc and hate to get up any earlier! Maybe when I’m on maternity leave and don’t really have to rush anywhere in particular…

    1. I can agree that you have to have time to do it, I am able to fit it into my routine, but it may not always be that way lol, ecspecially since you two are expecting, then you DEFINITLEY need all the sleep you can get!!!

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