Its kind of funny, I have so many different people that I talk to all around the world, I tend to forget from time to time that the USA is the only country to have thanksgiving LOL.

Being as tomorrow IS the Thanksgiving holiday I thought I would share some things that I am particularly grateful for this year.

I am grateful for my husband, who shows me every day how much he loves and adores me, he is a truly amazing man who works so hard for his family and his beliefs,he has a heart of gold and a sense of humor that keeps this girl (who can at times become too serious) in check, he balances me out.\

I am grateful for my son, who brings a smile to my face every day and always has something hilarious to say, his little warm hugs and kisses forever make me melt.

I am grateful for my big mega mutt Starsky, that 98 pounds of mixed breed loving, flies at me ever time i get home from work and reminds me how good it is to be home.

I am grateful for my father, who still has good health and is always there when i need to talk

I am grateful for my sister Dina, who is always just a phone call away with advice or support or just to make me laugh.

I am grateful for my job, that I have been lucky enough to have for almost 8 years now,that I get travel because of it and learn new stuff every day. I feel so blessed to work with the people that i do, I truly adore most of them lol.

….and obviously a host of other things, but these would be placed in my top spots 🙂


all that being said, Thanksgiving really isnt my favorite holiday, but I will still sit back and try to enjoy the day, besides……the day after I’m off work and its BLACK FRIDAY……Wich means ….Christmas…GAME ON!!!!!

I hope you all enojy your Holidays




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