Natural Table Setting ideas

It seems like every year I pick a certain theme for how I want to decorate for Christmas, this theme starts with our holiday cards and carries over to our gift wrapping and table setting/centerpeices…ect.

This year I am really feeling the natural and simple decorating style.

There are SO MANY great ideas out there for table setting with natural items


I am a HUGE mason jar fan, and I have a pretty decent collection of them, I really love how these designs incorporate light and sparkle, mixed with nature and a little bit of old country.

I have to watch how big I make my table centerpeice because I usually cook Christmas dinner for anywhere from six to ten people, so that means alot of chaffing dishes and trivets to work around, not to mention wine and water glasses.

Whatever kind of centerpeice I decide to build this year, it will definitley involve fresh greenery, cranberries, mason jars, wood, and lots of light!

What about you? How do you set your table?



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