Oh Deer!

I don’t know what the deal is with me latley but I am in LOVE with deer lol, specifically Bucks. Anything with a deer or buck on it, I am drawn to.

Drawings, paintings, jewelry, whatever, I love deer!! it’s really the silliest thing lol. But whatever I will just go with it!

Years ago i had a thing for rubber ducks! i mean I had tons of them in my bathroom LOL …This year it’s bucks and deer.

But I don’t hunt, and godbless those of you that do, but hunting makes me mad.

I just want to watch and enjoy these beautiful, majestic creatures.

I know I’m a weird one lol

Here are some things I am currently coveting…

il_570xN_503831302_anlu il_570xN_501917101_ov6y il_570xN_456036272_8d0b il_570xN_411619087_n9lt il_570xN_411742660_n006 il_570xN_438312764_74lc

Do YOU have any animals that you are obsessed with??


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