Way Cool Products!- CUPPOW!

OK normally i am not a big products reviewer, and lets face facts I don’t get enough traffic on here

to warrant a company advertising for them lol.

(by the way if CUPPOW feels the NEED to send me products to review, then I would happily oblige 😉 )

I found out about this on Mind Body Green ( if you haven’t checked this website out BTW , do it, it’s full of healthy tips)

…and this has to be the coolest product I have seen in a long time!


it’s a cup that sits just inside of the top of a mason jar, so that you can make it a little lunch box!! GENIUS


Separate wet and dry foods! Cookies and milk, chips and salsa, veggies and hummus!!


and they make several different sizes to fit different jars!

And check this out!…..



They even sell these little sip cup adapters so you can carry your coffee or green smoothies!!

…yes I am REALLY excited about these,hence all the (!!!!!!!!!)

They are also BPA and Phalate free, and dishwasher safe and…..MADE IN AMERICA!

…ok so if I don’t see this in my stocking……”hint hint Hubby” I will certainly be getting some after the holidays.


so what do you think? pretty cool right?


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