Explaining Christmas to Children


When my son was about 1, our wonderful babysitter,asked us how we were going to handle the meaning of Christmas with him. She is a deaconess and was lightly testing out the waters to see what we wanted to tell him about it.

Honestly I froze up, I was raised catholic, but over the years became disenchanted with the order, and left the church,I became very spiritual but not what I would consider “religious” I am interested in a variety of beliefs and I kind of march to my own beat in regards of that. I believe in Jesus Christ and God, and that’s good enough for me.

It works fine for me……what I never thought about, was how to explain it all to my son. I wanted him to find his own religious calling.

But as Christmases pass, and he gets older and older and more aware of things, I really feel it’s my duty to explain what Christmas is all about.

He came home the other day from school proudly showing us his Menorah that he made which he calls a “trophy thing” I tried explaining the menorah to him a little, though I didn’t go into great detail ( I’m not Jewish so I don’t know a whole lot) He asked why we can’t have a menorah and I realized…..uh oh…I’m going to have to find a way to explain Christmas to him and religions and such.

With CHRIST being taken out of Christmas more and more, i think it is the duty of my husband and I to instill the proper meaning of Christmas into his little mind.

It’s funny, because my young carefree rebelistic mind, never really thought about how I would ever deal with the issue.

I want him to know that Christmas is about way more than Santa Clause and the Creepy little Elf on the Shelf.

Time Warp Wife has some really great ways to explain it to children. I like her list because it’s not too overdone and detailed, and easy for little minds to digest.

So I’m curious, what about you? How do YOU plan to tell your children about the true meaning of Christmas? or Hannukah or whatever religion you celebrate?



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