….is it Christmas yet??!!

Is it?! because I really hope it comes soon lol, this past week has been trying, I came down with the flu, (redemption for not getting sick while my son was sick earlier in the year) finances have been…just a mess with my bank account getting hacked into in early December, putting everything behind and late.so in the middle of  trying to peel myself out of bed, I was still trying to get last minute gifts in and cleaning and oh my gosh! did I tell you I am cooking for like 8 people tomorrow??? Oh and my house still needs a good scrubbing??? LOL But what can i do…just sat back, took a breath and knew one way or another everything would pan out.I am also really grateful for such an awesome husband who stepped up to the plate to help wherever he could. I love this season, occasional atrocities and all ;).

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy time with the ones you adore!

Moments from my past week…….




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