New year, New chances…


Well Christmas has come and gone, and here we go barreling into New Years Eve.

I am always excited yet a little apprehensive to start a new year. Glad for the fresh start, but wary of all the things that COULD go wrong, it’s the pessimist in me I suppose. But mostly I’m excited for a brand new year and new chance to make new choices.

Instead of a list of resolutions, I instead made a list of 5 goals I would like to accomplish this year:

In no particular order

1.Work up into handstand in yoga

This entails alot of things, because right now while I am flexible I have ZERO arm and core strength. SO I need to start doing push-ups to get my strength back before I can throw my feet sky high over my head, but it’s a determined goal and One that I WILL accomplish. Last year it was accomplishing Crane Pose, which I somewhat mastered ( hey I got my feet off the ground).

This is going to take alot of work to do , but I really really want it.

2. Organize my photos

I have tons of loose photos sitting around in envelopes, I would like to get them all into an album. And also organize all my digital files and find something fun to do with them all, maybe put them in a book?

3.Make more time for relaxing with the family

this is an ongoing thing, but I want to play with my son more, snuggle with the hubby more, even if just for a few minutes.

4.Be a bit neater

I’m not talking busting out the label maker and organizing everything (psshhh c’mon it’s ME we are talking about) but oh I don’t know…..put stuff away when i’m done using it?!!

5. Do Yoga daily

even if it’s just a few sun salutations in the morning or a quick run through in the evening, I want to get deeper into my practice.


Not too sure how we will spend New Years Eve, we got invited to a few parties but honestly I like staying at home, just us, with our own tasty snacks and  bottle of champagne, snuggling on the couch quietly ringing in the new year.


I give you my wish for a happy and HEALTHY new year, full of possibilities and all the wonderful things that this life can bring you.



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