Baby Must haves

I have quite a few readers and friends getting ready to welcome a new little one this year,with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to post a few of my absolute favorite baby products, these 6 products are just my own personal faves. Have you ever used something and thought “oh my gosh this product is so amazing, I have to tell everyone about it!!” well that would be these products right here.

If we ever get around to having another little one, these are definitely the old standbys that I will use again.


Aquaphor, when you have a kid with super sensitive skin, i found that diaper creams actually seem to make it worse, this stuff is so gentle and comforting, that after my Pediatrician suggested I try it, i never looked back, got a baby with nasty diaper rash? Load those little cheeks up with this stuff and wave bye bye to butt rash!


Hylands teething tablets

As you know, I like the more natural products when I can, these actually worked pretty amazingly!


Avent bottles,

when I decided to stop breast feeding, i tried almost every bottle on the market, these particular ones seemed to keep my little guys gas to a minimum and he he really seemed to take to the natural “nipple”

My son had colic, so these babies were LIFE SAVERS


Sophie the giraffe

this is the best little teething toy we found, it is made of soft natural non-toxic rubber, and makes a pleasant squeak noise when bitten, our son got a kick out of this,and for many months wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

I also like it because it has that old school retro toy look.


Angel Dear Loveys

the second this lovey came in the mail, and I opened the packaged, my son lit up, it is super duper soft and comes in many cute animal options, I had initially gotten one as a shower gift, when we lost it we ordered three more, because my son loved them SO MUCH,they are durable and stay soft through many washes. Easily my most favorite baby product EVER!!!


Target brand Diapers

this was my money saving secret, we had to watch our finances because my son had to drink special $100 a week formula,we had to cut some where, so on a whim we tried these. OMG I loved these diapers, they were great for preventing blowouts and always fit perfectly, and at $14.99 for a 96 count box…you can’t beat the value!! Occasionally they go on sale for 10 dollars a box!


Thats all I have, what about you other mommas? Any favorite items that you couldn’t live without?




2 thoughts on “Baby Must haves”

  1. I have been trying to be really smart of what I buy for our little one. We gave or sold away pretty much everything of our son’s baby stuff, cause we though this was it for us. I have bought everything now second hand. The only things I couldn’t be without is lots of muslin squares and good baby carrier or a sling. Those were my life saviors with a baby with reflux! Everything else from baby walkers, play mats ect. were in the end quite a waste of money – could’ve been without them.

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