New Feature! Fitness Friday!!




Welcome to our new weekly feature, Fitness Friday! This weekly post will feature 5 fun exercise routines to try and occasionally a smoothie or healthy recipe. My goal is to get you moving in the dead of winter,we will explore all kinds of different exercises and fun methods for getting you off your butt and feeling good! Ready? Then lets begin! Here is this weeks collection of fun routines to try:

1.Slacking off on exercise because your expecting? No Need to, check out this routine on Fit Pregnancy designed to build up all those “mommy muscles”

2. Ever wonder how some Yogis, get into those crazy positions? Rachel Brathen breaks down Fire Fly Pose for you in step by step photos. Even if your not flexible enough to accomplish this pose, it would still be fun to try!

3. Still feeling bloated from all that holiday goodness? but short on time to exercise? no more excuses! Because now there’s an app for that!

4. Can’t do a push up to save your life? ( good neither can I) but THIS article breaks it down so it’s do-able.

5. Finish off your hard work with THIS delicious green smoothies, courtesy of


Nothing makes you feel back on track then getting off the couch and on your feet!

Here’s to a fit new year!




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