Bath Time!!

I don’t know about you, but I could spend like HOURS in the bathtub, and since it’s -13 today in Cleveland, (No I am not kidding) all i really want to do is submerge myself in hot water and never ever come out.

Below is a dream collection, of products to keep on hand for bath time goodness.



Bathina “Soft to Touch hard To Get”/ Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Butter/ Kate Spade Candle/

Glam Glow Super MudAvon Soft Pink Bubble Bath







Earth Theraputics Exfoliating Gloves/ AVON Lavender Foot Mask/ FRESH Rose Face Mask

FIG + Yarrow Milk Bath/ Voluspa Vanilla Candle/ The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter

Olivina Milk and Honey Body Wash






Get Sleepy Tea/ Izola Lavender Candle/ EOS Lavender Shave /SLEEP Bubble bath and Body Oil



Home Scents Jasmine Candle / Vaseline Cocoa Butter / BOOTS Pore Scrub and Mask / Caress Twilight Body Wash

Dr. Teals Bath Soak Salts




1 thought on “Bath Time!!”

  1. I do miss having a bath tub. Where it’s a norm in England, here in Finland very few have bathtubs. Then again almost everyone has sauna and when it’s -20 C outside the +100C feels quite heavenly!

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