Why I will probably never be a size 10 again, and why I am ok with that……


I love Yoga, and keeping in shape, it’s very hard for me to stay still for long periods of time, but I also LOVE food and cooking. So it’s no surprise that after my son was born I fluctuated between a size 12 and a size 14. if you punch in my 5’6 177 Pound frame into a BMI calculator, I come back as bordering on OBESE. I beg to differ…..about a year after my son was born (he is four now) I really tried to lose the 20 pounds I gained during pregnancy,I tried Weight Watchers, I tried busting my ass at the gym, I tried eating like a rabbit, but the weight never would truly stay off.

When I started getting back into my life long love affair with Yoga, I realized that I was perfect just the way I was, my husband loves my curves and yes I exercise, but I do it to FEEL good, not to lose weight. It’s like I finally hit a wall of realization,where I no longer had a REASON to lose weight, my doctor says Im healthy,I absolutely have a passion for food and cooking,and if i see something I want to eat….well…I eat it! I have learned to listen to my body and what it really needs, and stop eating when I’m not full but satiated.

I am proud of this body, I love the fact that I carried a child for nine grueling months, could barley walk due to hip displaysia and now for the most part have returned back to normal. I love that my boobs got bigger and now awesomely fill out a t-shirt, I love how my bigger curvy booty highlights the small of my back and fills out jeans with ease. I respect my body, I no longer work against it, but rather WITH IT. I eat when I’m hungry I don’t when i’m not, I do Yoga daily because I love how it makes me feel and tones me up.

Yes, there are things about my body I dislike, we all have those bits and pieces we try to cover in the mirror, but this body is an amazing vessel, it is my temple, it gave life and if I ever needed to ,it could kick the life out of someone….and for that I feel like it is pretty bad ass as it is thank you very much 😉

So here’s to us! Ladies, please stop beating yourselves up over your weight, your perfect the way you are!


One thought on “Why I will probably never be a size 10 again, and why I am ok with that……”

  1. BMI charts are rubbish. When I was at my thinnest in my adult life and I was quite thin I was on the TOP of the green area. Ridiculous. I do wanna lose some weight after pregnancy. Haven’t really gained those unnecessary baby pounds as been quite careful with my eating but I got to lose fair a bit of weight I had before I got pregnant to fit my clothes comfortably. Too many awesome t-shirts that are too tight!

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