10 Things To Do In Your 30’s


1. Be Ok With Where You Are Right Now

This doesn’t mean that if you aren’t where you really wanted to be at this point in your life that you should give up on your dreams, not at all! But each of us is riding on a predetermined path, everything that we have done up to this point has gotten to where we are now, all of our mistakes, bad choices and wins have shaped our life in some way. Take comfort in the fact that the universe unfolds as it should, whats meant to be will be. Stop trying to force it and just go with the flow, wherever you are at now, revel in it, and keep trudging toward what really moves you.

2. Be Kinder 

As you age, you begin to realize that everyone in life has struggles, and some people are very very good at hiding it, others are not. Remember to be kind to others, even if they aren’t always kind to you, they may be going through hell right now, and obviously that doesn’t give them just cause to be an asshole, but think about how many times you have acted out during a struggle, we are all fighting our own battles every day.

3. Stop Caring What Others Think

By 30 you are the person you are going to be, stop trying to change yourself to appease others. If you’re weird, let your freak flag fly!do what YOU like, dress how YOU like, listen to what YOU like, then find new friends who love YOU for being YOU.Be true to you, be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

4. Love With All Your Heart

If you are going to love someone, give it all you got,tell people in your life you love them often,life is too short and uncertain not too. Don’t “phone it in” BE THERE, BE present, be romantic, emotional and passionate, let bitterness go and open up your heart.

5. Clear Out Toxic People

Don’t waste your time thinking about others who don’t think a second about you,people who make you feel bad, insecure, stupid, agitated, kick them to the curb, clean house, you can’t let awesome people in if your life is clogged with garbage. Free yourself from their drama and move on with your life woman!

6. Take Better Care Of Yourself

…and your thirties is the time to do it, your not yet too old and your finally out of your 20, time to repair all the damage, wear sunscreen,take vitamins, meditate or exercise, find ways to decompress,drink more water, eat healthier. The body has an amazing way of repairing itself once you set healthier habits in place, now is the time to do it so go for it!

7. Stop Letting Others Control Your Emotions

This can be a difficult one to let go of ( I know). But you should also know that only YOU can let other people control your emotions, you GIVE people permission to do so. Don’t base your entire day, week, year, on other peoples bitterness, resentment, struggles ect. I’m not saying be a heartless b*tch, respect other emotions, just don’t let them get under you skin and consume you.

8. Forgive And Be Gracious

Now is the time to let go of resentment,and if you can’t forgive someone for hurting you in the past, at least try to make some sort of peace with it. If they haven’t changed by now, they never will. Also know that everyone makes mistakes and what good is it holding on to  all that resentment year after year, it’s destroying your health and peace of mind more than anyone elses.

9. Keep Working Towards Your Dreams

Don’t stop now. In your 30’s your better armed with life experience, you know a little bit better what works and what doesn’t. Never lose sight of your dreams.

10. Eat Awesome Food

For Gods sake quit eating fake stuff!! Margarine, fake sugar , really anything man-made and edible should be expelled from your cabinets (ok hold onto that stash of oreos and Doritos, because lets face it, you also have to live a little) but eat more fruits, veggies, natural cheeses,real cream, real butter. Eat real food that tastes great!! Seek out delicious things, try new things, fall in love with real food, you will feel so much better if you do!


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