Vibrant Hair!

So my new obsession has been vibrant colored hair, I am really in love with Kelly Osbournes  Lavender hue, although dying my hair lavender is just not in the cards. I am however thinking of playing around with hair chalk once summer hits, a little strip of purple or pink or lavender, would look cute in a retro updo.


Obviously Kellys hair is actually died not chalked, but for those of of who are too chicken to take the full plunge, washable hair chalk sounds like the answer!

Come Spring, I’m all over it!



I have a fetish for red hair, and my hair has been several reds over the years,

but THIS red, is the red i would want if I ever did it again.

Unfortunate the upkeep on a color like this is murder, and involves barley washing it and often adding more

dye to it when you DO wash it. Still, good golly miss molly, it’s soooo pretty.



1 thought on “Vibrant Hair!”

  1. I am soooo missing dyed hair, especially the really vibrant red but as you said the colour is so difficult to maintain fresh. I am growing my own colour back and at the moment have 3 different colours on my hair, which is not great look. I grew my own colour back and dyed it black again last April but for some reason I started to get really itchy scalp (maybe it was allergic reaction). Never satisfied customer…

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