Fear and Loathing




I have been absent for quite sometime, and while I am feeling like I should apologize, sometimes these little absences are necessary. Honestly this year has not  had a great start. First I lost my grandmother and took that alot harder than I thought I would. ( being that I lost my mother years ago, I thought that this would be a breeze compared to that)….I was wrong. it was and still is hard. And that’s ok. Then my depression flared up pretty badly, leaving me a crying anxiety filled mess, which then flared up my Fibromayalgia which then flared up my Irritable Bowel BIGTIME. ( Fun Fun) then on top of all this excitement, we found our Dog has a potentially cancerous knot on his tail and one in his mouth, he had surgery to remove it and now we are waiting for results, if its cancer, they will have to remove part of his tail. It’s on thing after another.

Thankfully I have a great support system in my husband and sister and father and son, I have people who love me and who understand when all these flare ups happen.They hug me, hold me and make me feel like everything is going to be ok….and that’s because it will be ok, My depression will pass, my fibro will simmer down and my IBS will clear , Ill be able to drink coffee again and eat normally, my dog may have to have part of his tail removed, but he will survive and that’s whats important. My family is whats important. and I love them so much.

Someday soon the sun will shine again and all will be well. Until then I am pressing on 🙂


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