Well that escalated quickly………

Just wanted to give you all brief update,two days after my last post, I went to the ER, the pain in my stomach was becoming unbearable. After many blood tests and an ultrasound, I was told I had a gallbladder full of stones and “sludge”…ew….

In other words, all these issues that i have been having with sickness, are probably related to my nasty Gallbladder.

My surgery isn’t until 6:30 pm, by that point it will have been 20 hours since the last time I ate…..and I am craving chocolate pudding for some reason LOL, and steak, and potatoes and…..food…..good …..god i’m craving food. 

The surgery is minimally invasive, and the only reason i have to stay the night is because i’m getting it so late, otherwise they would send me home.

I will have plenty of time to write since I will be off work for 1 week.

One good thing did happen today, I found out my blog was selected for a product review, and that makes this girl really happy 🙂 more on that later in week. Hugs till then.



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