Nothing happens by accident


I love this quote, because its so true. Especially lately, I could not have avoided getting sick and having to get my gallbladder out, it’s hereditary in my family, i always knew in the back of my head that one day it would happen. And sure enough it did, and couldn’t have been more on time, my mother and my father both had their gall bladders out at exactly my age,the same with my fathers mother.

I have been trying to run away from it for years, thinking if I just watched what I ate I could avoid the inevitable,I soon found out that eventually heredity catches up with you.

In a way it is a blessing, for one, I lost a bunch of weight, which needed to happen anyway, i also have to be a bit more careful of what I eat now due to resulting digestive issues. Which means I may lose even more weight.

Sometimes nothing gets you moving in the right direction like a forced push 🙂

Here are some changes that I am looking forward to making:

-More veggies (on top of the loads i already enjoy)

-little to no red meat

– more lean protein

-no more processed foods

– more avocados , coconut oils and olive oil ,less butter

– Nutrient rich smoothies

More activity.


I can’t return to my beloved yoga for at least 5 more weeks, and even at that point it will be like starting over again, which is kind of pisser because I was just starting to get better at backbends. But in the long run, it will just end up making me stronger.

I was looking at the chinese calendar this morning and I noticed it is the year of the horse (I am a horse sign) I laughed and said “year of the horse my foot, this has so not been my year” and my husband said “you know what I think it IS your year, because you had your surgery and are going to feel alot better now.” and you know what, he’s right, sometimes it’s all in the way you look at situations that can make all the difference.

So with that being said, here is to a healthier me and one hell of a great summer 🙂







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