So this is what feeling good feels like

I had such a wonderful weekend with my little family, and we actually didn’t have plans for once (rare) so we took it upon ourselves to venture out and get me back into the real world.(yay)

Sat we went to breakfast and grocery shopping, then took the dog for a walk since the weather was above freezing, then my sweet hubby treated us to coffee and chai lattes at our local coffee shop.

Sunday I brought the little guy out to bowl a few games, ( I can’t bowl for a few more weeks) But he sure did enjoy himself.


Ā Ā Image


Got pretty excited about receiving this little gift to myself in the mail Friday šŸ˜‰

( yes I sell AVON, and yes I cheated on them, Benefit is my second love)


Sunday Morning Started off like this šŸ˜‰


Tried something different, I have been reading about Kombucha being great for restoring pro biotics into the system after illness. So I Splurged on a bottle, and it’s kinda good, smells faintly of vinegar though, but once you get past that , it tastes pretty ok lol.

I cannot believe how wonderful i feel since my surgery and I lost like ten pounds in two weeks, not what I would consider a healthy way to lose weight by any means, but lets face it I’m not going to argue about it lol.

Ok so now that all this crap is behind me… about some spring weather!!!!! I’m ready for some serious fun!


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