This past weekend was somewhat of a struggle to get through, this weather has us all feeling like butt,

(to put it mildly)

I am starting to run out of ideas to keep us busy, Saturday the husband and I did manage to get out and go to the new car show, looked around and had some lunch sans the little man . It was nice to get out and reconnect for a bit, then we went home and I took the little one to the mall to run off extra energy at the indoor playground there. Ended up running into an old friend I haven’t seen in over ten years!

Sunday we cleaned , my dad came over for a bit and I made another batch of soup, the LAST batch of chicken soup for this year, I have been eating so much of the stuff since my surgery that I am WAAAAY over it.

I also made apple chips and did some crafts with the little guy, a couple of times on Sunday i felt like i was going to lose it from being cooped up,……but Summer is coming, I know it…..but it can’t come soon enough!


Watching the Sandlot in Mommy and Daddys bed


Our St. Patricks day  craft , a clover garden


Apple slices ready for the oven


This kid LOVES to help me cook


Burning off MAJOR energy in the mall playground


Day out with my love 🙂

Hope you are all staying warm and cozy 🙂





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