My favorite skin care routine


It has taken me years to find a skin care routine that I like, and even now I find that I have to switch it up with the seasons a bit.

My skin is very sensitive and breakout prone, so this little process seems to keep it in check.


Made up face


Targets brand of facial scrub is awesome, ( In my honest opinion) It’s cheap and if you get the one for blackheads, you can leave it on a few minutes extra and use it as a mask, believe me it gets ALL the makeup off.


Most people press and scrub way too hard when using a product like this,you are not sanding down and old dresser to repaint it!

This is your face, be gentle, go in small circular patterns.


Next I use AVON Genics face cream, this makes my skin super smooth and lifts anywhere that I am sagging.

For the eyes I use AVON ANEW Clinical eye lift. it’s a two part cream/gel.

First i pat on the cream with my ring finger, taking care not to pull the delicate skin.

Then I use the gel and pat it right under my eyebrow where eyes tend to sag in my family. (We call them aunt Ruthie Eyes)

Every other day I do also supplement with Radical Skincares Exfoliating wipes, the contain natural acids that eat away at dead skin and help to fade, sunspots and blemish scars.

You can see more on the product here.


And that’s it! Easy as can be!




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