Best day in awhile


I had an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, so I went into work late, after dropping off my son at school, I met up with my husband for breakfast, it was so nice just the two of us 🙂


Then I headed to the mall to pic up my brand new glasses, I LOVE these glasses, I never want to take them off, which is good because I REALLY need to start wearing them like….ALL the time.


I saw this in the mall and what can I say it totally made my day….I am a child…I know this



I had a few hours to kill before work so I did a bit of shopping, and OMG! I went down a whole dress size! I found one real cute dress, a slim pair of black pants and a beautiful summer blouse.



When I did finally get to work, I was bummed out to find that no one brought in Packzis for fat Tuesday 😦 Luckily my friends over in the marketing department had one waiting for me 🙂

(yes I find it funny that I just posted about losing a dress size, only to come in and eat one of these calorie bombs, but you know what……I only ate the smaller half …and I gotta say I am pretty darn proud of myself for throwing it in the garbage and not going back into the garbage after it lol.


it’s a great day!!!




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