Creative Daydreaming

When I was in art school, painting was my absolute favorite next to photography. I remember sitting in my studio in my parents home, for hours on end listening to Tori Amos or Incubus and just losing myself in my drawing and painting. I worked in all mediums but watercolor was my absolute favorite, followed by markers.

I love water color because it is so natural and so forgiving, it flows easily and can be built up for depth. I used to love to paint distorted versions of fashion models, and drag queens, sometimes nature animals and pinup girls. Using bright vibrant colors and letting the paint drip in certain areas. I also took a liking to painting food and other products. ( I can thank my commercial art 1 teacher for that)

I worked with acrylic sometimes, but found it too restrictive. Pastels, too messy, charcoal…even messier.

Water colors and markers have always been my medium of choice.

Blending markers where lots of fun to use because you could buy a marker blending pen that would create wonderful shading techniques.

When I left art school I had a series of Graphic Design jobs, mostly focused on lay out and type setting, rather than art. It bummed me out, it seems I couldn’t find my niche. And after 6 years of trying, I put away my portfolio and gave up on design. I found the love of my life and had a child, got a job elsewhere and my creative love got put on the back burner. But over the past few years, I feel a deep calling back to it. i haven’t painted in SO long, but im  confident I could pick up right where I left off.

I think this year I am going to make a point to paint or draw once again. I have got so many beautiful images racing through my little head, I just feel the need to get them out.

Here are some painters and artist that just inspire me to no end,


Maciek Jasik


Agnes Cecile


Jess Buhman


Liz Kapiloto


Jon Eisemann

The things is, I don’t ever ever ever want to forget that I was an artist first, I don’t want my love of art to be spoiled by crappy job experiences I may have had after college. I have everything else that I need. That is the only part that I am missing. I really need that in my life. So , lets get back to it!




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