St. Patty’s Mood Board

St. Pattys Day is just around the corner, i decided that I don’t want my little guy to think St.Pattys day is all about people drinking too much beer. I want him to enjoy the holiday and maybe learn a little bit about why we celebrate it! Here are some fun things I am planning doing on Monday! for my little man and the hubby!


1. St. Pattys Day Fruit Rainbow ( Nice alternative snack for work) 2. Totally want to make these  corn-beef sliders for the hubby and I on Monday! 3. Lucky Charms and Green Milk makes a fun breakfast for the little ones 4. I want to  make these Guinness Brownies every year for work and every year I get asked to bring them back! 5. This is the cutest idea for making little Leprachaun feet, use washable paint and put them all over the house! (Make it look like the naughty little Leprechaun got into some trouble while we were asleep 🙂


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