A Whole “LOTTA” Love!

When I got my bonus this past month I decided to treat myself to something I have wanted for a long time.

A pair of Swedish made sandals.

Originally I had been looking at Swedish Hasbeens, but I read differing reviews on their comfort level, and they are also alot more expensive. Then I found out about Lotta of Stockholm . They have the same craftsmanship as Hasbeens, and the same styles, but for a fraction of the price. Their customer service was super helpful and timely and it only took one week to receive them via international mail.

I have bad feet, so I wanted something with support, I also wanted them to have that retro look and be made out of good material so they last long. Lotta of Stockholm met all of my expectations.








So are the comfy? Yes yes yes, I was real surprised at how comfy they were ( I know you’re probably thinking, “wood soles?? Comfy?”) Yep, the foot bed is nicely molded, they are sanded smooth and will become smoother with wear, the braids on this particular style can be hand stretched fairly easily to avoid excess friction. I love them so much I want more!!! And they have SO many cute designs.

I got the natural braids so that hey go with practically everything and will look super cute with painted nails.

Now I just have to wait to be able to wear them……you know…if it would QUIT SNOWING!!!!!!

Check out Lotta of Stockholm here!




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