Time well spent

My son loves to cook and bake with me. When he was just a little little one I would sit him in his highchair or his bouncer and talk to him while I was preparing dinner or baking something. “This is flour, we are going to use 1 cup of flour, this is broccoli, see how pretty green it is?” …You get the point…basically I was the cooking show and he was my audience.

As he got older he loved to help me measure and pour and eventually I gave him the job of professional mixer and taster. Even now, when I am cutting up veggies i give him his own cutting board and non serrated dull butter knife so he can pretend that he is helping me out. He LOVES it, and I love the un distracted conversations that happens:)


We talk about girls, and how everyone in his class likes this one girl, and they all fight to sit next to her in storytime


we talk about what things we will do in the summer and how

“it’s snowing again, I just don’t know why its snowing again”

“hey we were in class today and you know what this one kid did?”

“mommy I will help you make this, but I AM NOT going to eat it, because it smells, but you and daddy can eat it if you want to”


how the soup I am making “smells like butt” but…”it’s ok mommy because I will still help you with it”


Did I mention this kid does dishes?? ….Because he does, and he takes that job VERY SERIOUSLY lol


These are some of the times that as a mother I cherish the most ๐Ÿ™‚




2 thoughts on “Time well spent”

  1. Bless. What a great kid youยดve got there. I really like that few days a week me and little man are able to sit down together for a lunch. I just love the conversations that we have whilst we eat.

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