Over the weekend

Last week was a rough one, my husband drove over 22 hours in two days down to Arkansas for a business trip, when he came back, his truck died, and he had a sinus infection.

So we spent the better half of the week rearranging schedules and looking for a new truck for him. AND we got hit with a MASSIVE snow storm AGAIN on Wed. ( can I move to Arizona yet?!!!)

Our weekend was packed but really fun. Preschool Bowling, visiting with family, dinner at a local restuaunt togethor and just lots of hugs and love and of course St. Pattys day baking.


Sincerely Love this man LOL



The food at this place was nothing too great at all, but the inside is just beautiful, it used to be Bereas train depot, and they have restored it inside and made it gorgeous. I just love old buildings.


Saw a nail design on Pinterest and decided to give it a try, please disregard the messy over paint on my cuticle 😉


I just love to watch my son be a boy, and play with boys,I like it when he plays with the girls too, but there is a special kind of joy when he gets together with his guy pals.



We were all a little tired after this weekend.

By the way, HAPPY ST. Pattys Day!!

I cannot wait to get home tonight and enjoy some Corned Beef Sliders!




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