5 Fun Apps you have to try!



I am a total App addict!! I am one of those people that totally believes there is an app for everything! This is why I love my Iphone over any Android, the apps just cannot be beat. The apps below are a few of my favorite fun apps.



This is no business app!! This app tracks you and your partners  um “sessions” in bed, if you are a data junkie like me, you will love it, it tracks the duration,even how loud you got and how many “thrusts per hour” It’s alot of fun and great for spicing things up lol.



Interested in meditating more? But can’t find the time? No problem, Buddifhy finds the time for you, you can choose to meditate while “eating” or “working online” the voice guided meditation helps you to effortlessly mediate on the fly.



I almost feel stupid telling you about this app because it is such a wonderful staple for any music lover, how could anyone not know about it, this app identifies music from practically anywhere, any song, I have even held it up in the middle of Kmart and it picked up a song coming out of the ceiling!! I once did it on a commercial and it picked up the song from the tv! After identifying the song, it takes you to a link to download it.


Real Simple No Time To Cook App

This app has seriously saved me many times, don’t know what to make for dinner? Simply select what meat and ingredients hat you have on hand and how much time you have and the app does the rest, bringing up recipes that you can whip up in a flash! Great for the busy mom!








I have a friend who lives in Russia who I love to chat with, this app is no regular messenger though, you can send voice messages back and forth (yes even overseas) for free, that’s right FREE.

It’s a cozy little app that really helps you keep in touch with friends and family.


4 thoughts on “5 Fun Apps you have to try!”

  1. I downloaded that Real Simple app and it’s fun! I was going to ask you, if you ever want to guest post on our blog I would LOVE to have you; I always enjoy reading your blog 🙂

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