Whats going on in March


Photo from Pinterest

For the Month Of March

Making : A PEEPS tree!!! I love PEEPS and I found a Peeps tree on pinterest, HOLY CUTE!
Cooking : healthier foods for my man and I ( and he actually is liking it)
Drinking : More water! (With just a splash of juice)
ReadingBalancing it all by Candace Cameron Bure , Just Finished The Good Wifes Guide
Wanting: to be anywhere warm with my family, having fun
Looking: for a new bathing suit since I lost weight and the old one is too big, YAY!
Playing: quite a bit of country lately
Wasting: hours pinning spring decor projects
Wishing: I had a day off of work or two to spring clean my house (yes I actually take days off work to CLEAN MY HOUSE)

Enjoying: daylight savings, now that I’m adjusted to the time change.
Waiting: for a few packages in the mail :My origami Owl order and a gift from a new blogger friend.

Liking: all things mint or coral ( or both)
Wondering: if I should bother with self tanner this year or let my white light shine!
Loving: My new retro eyeglasses

Hoping: for some girl time soon!!

Marvelling: the sounds of birds chirping in the mornings
Needing: to throw out or donate or sell more than a few things clogging up my closet’s
Smelling: the electric smell of spring in the air every now and then
Wearing: my new pair of skinny black capri pants a whole lot.
Noticing: how much better I feel since having my Gallbladder removed last month
Knowing: that no matter what, God will see us through rough patches

Thinking: about planting a boat load of sweet corn this year!.

Bookmarking: www.racked.com
Opening: all the doors and windows at home to let the spring air in.
Giggling: at this video on you tube (How to Poop at work) because I’m 35…….
Feeling: Inspired

Inspired by A Pretty Penny who was inspired by Sydney


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