How do i style?…….


Oxfords, Brogues, whatever you may call them,have regained popularity in the past year or so. When most people think of brogues, they think of school days or fall prep outfits. But did you know you could also get extra mileage and wear them in the spring?

They are perfect for not-to-warm-not-to-cold-almost-spring conditions, come in so many colors and are just cute as can be.

Here are a few different ways that you can style Brogues in the Spring.



Black Fringed Brogues with sheer tights and a floral dress keep them springy.and give the outfit some structure.


Go comfy and casual ( if you are in a location lucky enough to be warm this time of year)

With white short shorts a flowy top and simply stated jewelry.


Have fun with your broques, pair them with fun printed tights, and bright colors!


Take the retro schoolgirl route with a plaid circle skirt and timeless black and white brogues


I LOVE this, Poppy cobalt blue jeans and a gingham print top , scream spring, add in rich chocolate brogues and a contrasting orange necklace and you have an outfit sure to give you a lift!


Understated brogues, short shorts and a cardigan is perfect for cooler late spring evenings by the bon fire!


Simplest outfit ever! Put on some neutral brogues (they go with just about anything) throw on a shift dress and you’re done!

So what about you? Will you hop on the Brogue trend?



 All photos courtesy of Chictopia


3 thoughts on “How do i style?…….”

  1. I am not sure whether they would suit my style. I like the look though. Always wanted to get saddle-shoes/ two-tone-shoes – you know rockabilly swing dancing stuff, which I think still would not go well with my wardrobe,

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