Let go of what doesn’t suit you


Spring time can bring out the best in people, with all the sun ( if you live on this side of the earth) and new growth and green popping up everywhere. It’s a time for renewal, and time for fresh starts, time to spring clean your house, your Chakras and basically everything in your life.

I go through this every year,as soon as the warm weather hits, I long to open the windows let fresh air in, revamp my yoga sequences from calming poses into detoxifying poses,go through my drawers and closets and either throw out or donate or sell those items that I am not using. Clean, clean, clean. But at the same time it feels so great to clear out and dump old stuff that no longer suits us.

I like giving myself a mini emotional  de-cluttering session as well, let go of guilt, let go of friends who make me feel bad about myself or let go of those who don’t inspire or encourage me. Life is way to short to spend around people who do not support you.

Here are a few ways to clear out cluttered spaces in all aspects of your life:

In your Closest– Go through and get rid of things that either no longer fit or that you haven’t worn in a year, ask yourself, “does this suit me” “Does it have any sentimental value”. If it doesn’t fit into one of those two categories; then either donate it,sell it or pitch it.

In your life– do you have friends that make you feel bad all the time? Or that you can never seem to get ahold of? Let them go…..why should you do all the work? Friendship swings both ways.

On Facebook or in your Blog Roll– Are certain blogs on your reading list making you feel anxious or feel bad about your self? Like you don’t quite measure up? Delete them now, do you have Facebook friends who constantly spew negativity or people you hardly even know? Thin it out to those who matter.

In your diet– is that bag of chips that you are eating really doing much for your body? It may be calming you down after a hard day, but is it truly feeding you? it is giving you nutrients that you need? If not…then pitch it, or at least cut it down to a once and a while treat.

Your Subconscious– let go of guilt, you do the best you can every day (Yes I am talking to YOU) you rock and you are awesome. quit setting yourself up to standards that are plainly unattainable.

Plain and simple….if it doesn’t suit you…..now is the time to let it go.

Try it, try just dropping any dead weight you have in life, the feeling is amazingly liberating and once you do it I promise you, you will not miss all that heavy stuff.

Peace and Love

Heather XOXOXO


1 thought on “Let go of what doesn’t suit you”

  1. To me this spring will definitely be decluttering and start of something new – Ive got this new me pictured inside my head when this little one comes out. Whether I will achieve it, I suppose does not matter that much. I am sooo looking forward decluttering my wardrobe. Just need to be able to fit in my clothes 🙂

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