Check this APP out!

As most of you know I am an APP junkie, this latest one I downloaded i am in just in LOVE with.

It’s called ASAP54, and it is pretty freaking cool.

Basically it is SoundHound or Shazaam but for Fashion!! See someone on the street  and LOVE their shirt? If you can snap a photo of it, the app will search its database for similar items and once you decide on the one you want, you can buy it! If you search an item an nothing comes up that you like, you can send it to a stylist for free who will either find the EXACT item for you for something real real close.

Below is a pink top that I saw on instagram, I searched the database and didn’t really like what it returned, I sent it to the stylist and BAM they got me the exact place that I could buy the item!


You can even do crazy things like search landscapes and colors for clothes that MATCH




It’s pretty dang cool! Try it out!


3 thoughts on “Check this APP out!”

  1. I just saw this on itunes!! Fellow Appoholic as well friend?? I am seriously so obsessed with Apps I check each Friday when they have the featured ones. I remember seeing this one and thought it looked cool, now I must download it!

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