So this happened sort of suddenly,I decided to hop online and see if I could find some hairstyles I liked, and after hemming and hawing back and forth over if I should cut it or not…I did….. I just did……


….and you know what????




I freaking LOVE IT…… I mean really!!!

So glad I just decided to go for it




it’s so easy to do in the morning its almost ridiculous,I find myself wearing more jewelry ,

even if for the simple fact that now you can SEE MY EARS



I can tuck it behind my ears and make it look short or bring it forward and make it look longer, put some wax in it and make it Piecey .


I feel so much better

like Im free or something

I even smile more!! I talk more I laugh more….

Strange I know, but I just feel AWESOME!!

…hopefully I still feel this way in a few weeks when it needs a trim.

Also, we are off on another adventure tomorrow morning, leaving for vacation, I will probably not post until i get back.

so xoxoxox

See ya soon!


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