Smokey Mountain Getaway!

Well we are back from our trip to Gatlinburg,Tennessee. And all I can say is, while it IS good to be home, we had so much fun, I just didn’t want it to end 😦 The Mountains, the weather, the Bluegrass Music,swimming in the pool everyday and visiting Dolly Wood with the family, was just so refreshing!!
I won’t bore you with a boatload of Photos, but here are just a few for ya. Because what is a great vacation without a little bragging am I right?


The very tail end of  the ride down (9 hour drive) haha!!

IMG_8777 - Copy

Good lord I just realized I look like Miley Cyrus with my tounge out here ugh….totally didn’t mean for that to happen.


The Great Smokey Mountains Observation Deck, I could have spent all day there. i wondered if you hocked a lugie from the top , would it hurt if it hit someone on the head below?


The little man and my dad enjoying the falls on our mountain hike

IMG_8711 - Copy

THIS just…….OMG THIS ….Blackberry Belgian waffle!!!!!

IMG_8735 - Copy

Taste Testing at the moonshine distillery #properhillbillygirl #notasgoodasdadsillegalstuff

IMG_8736 - Copy

Yuh huh!!!

IMG_8752 - Copy

When you look up and see a sign saying “crappers” at a Mexican restaurant… know your in for treat


Let the little man go to town on a big piece of cotton candy at Dolly Wood


What the what??? HUGE corn dog, and yes I ate it all…yes I did……..and no I don’t feel bad about it lol


And the husband didn’t feel bad about eating this Hot dog Either


Photobombed by a crazy kiddo lol


my loving little “angel” pinched me, and the hubs caught it on camera lol


Checkers anyone??? And yes we played with them ALOT


Your damn right……


Rows of rocking chairs at the great Smokey Moonshine Distillery


Perhaps the best thing ever, I got to spend more time with my sister Kim,

whom I have never really gotten to know well.

Oh Smoky Mountains, thank you so much for giving us a relaxing break from a hard hard winter,

now…..back to reality!!


2 thoughts on “Smokey Mountain Getaway!”

  1. Looks so awesome! I could have look way more photos. Never been to USA and these would places I would love to visit. Moonshine!!! Dolly Wood!!! Have you got photos from there?

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