Pursuing Your Passions Despite Obstacles



Recently I Listened to a great FREE Ecourse from fellow blogger and momma, Elizabeth over at The Bradleys.

In the course Elizabeth discusses pursuing your dreams, and how when we are younger we are filled with all this hope and determination to be the things that we are truly passionate about,but then as we get older and gain more life experience those hopes and dreams are often times crushed or greatly compromised.

What she says greatly resonates with me, this is something I have struggled with most of my post college life.

You grow up with a passion for something, you go to school for it (or sometimes not) you get all these great ideas in your head of what you are going to be and WHO you will be when you get out.

Then you graduate…….and…you find out the world sucks…..the job market sucks, or you are up against HUGE competition. You start to doubt your own capabilities or worse yet, after working in your chosen field for a bit,you realize that you totally hate it.

I went to Art School thinking I was going to be this big bad designer, make all this money and turn out cool stuff, but when I got out of college I was up against serious opposition, my school wasn’t “good enough”, my degree wasn’t “high enough” I didn’t have any experience but no one was willing to give it to me. It was frustrating. After many years of flip flopping, I decided to bow out of the profession. It killed me to see my peers pursue their dreams, get all these fabulous internships for fabulous companies or start companies of their own. I’m not gonna lie, I had a hard time being happy for them, I was bitter just bitter and unjustly resentful.

But what I failed to realize ( because I couldn’t see it at the time) is that everyone has their own path. Everyone is in the exact spot that they should be in their predetermined destiny (at least that is my New Agey belief) Everything leads to something else. You are where you should be RIGHT NOW, might not be where you WANT to be, but it’s were you NEED to be, yes even if it’s a bad place. You are here to learn, gain knowledge and grow from this experience.

In my personal situation, I learned that while I was talented, I sucked at being creative under pressure. So I went and got a job that allowed me to support myself and found other ways to feed my creativity but this time on MY time. I painted, I designed logos for a few people, I bummed around the Art Museum, Designed Jewelry, crafted my ass off, pretty much anything that I liked or found appealing, I tried.

During this time, I also fell in love with Yoga and began to study it’s teachings. All of these things kept and still keep me sane.

My current job isn’t really a creative, but I get to deal with three other passions of mine, Color, Science and Classic Cars.

I really love my job and I know I would not have gotten here if I didn’t go through all the other crap first.

Over the years I have thought of possibly getting certified to teach Yoga, but before I do that, I have to work further on my personal practice. Witch recently has been stifled by a foot injury, but I’m not giving up, im just learning to work around it. I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to do it. So maybe Graphic Design wasn’t my calling, but there is so much more that I can offer the world! We must not let ourselves be defined by our professions, we must re main open to so many different paths, because like it or not, life doesn’t always go our way, sometimes it has other plans. Whats important is that sometimes you stop, and listen to what life is telling you, then get out of your own way, because once you find your own way, you are going to ROCK THIS.

Love and Inner Peace







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