How to fall in love with your life


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I heard someone on the radio this morning, talking about how one of the reasons so many people have a hard time finding happiness in their lives, is because they are going at it the wrong way. We are always told “do what you love” “If you don’t like your job, leave” “if you don’t like where you live move” ect ect. But what if for once we did something out of the ordinary and instead of running from dream to dream in search for the perfect “everything” we just stopped…..and fell in love with what we already have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying not to go after your dreams,by all means an accounts please do, that is important. But if you DO go after your dreams and they either don’t work out right away or take a long time to accomplish, why not look around and try to enjoy where you are at RIGHT NOW.

I believe this way of thinking is a very positive thing. Instead of trying to fall in love with your job or the place that you live, try to fall in love with MOMENTS. If we all did that, think of how many MORE possibility in a day you would have to be happy! Even on your worst days, if you could find just ONE thing to fall in love with,wouldn’t that make that whole day at least a little bit worth it?

I had read that recently Jerry Seinfeld, said that his mission in life was to “fall in love” but not necessarily with a person, he wanted to fall in love with moments. he mentioned that if he was having a cup of coffee and it was a particularly good cup of coffee, he would stop and say “wait, let me just sit here and reflect on how good this cup of coffee is”.I just thought that was brilliant.

As I said before, I believe the universe has its own plans for us,often it’s not the plans we set out for ourselves. But if we can find the good and happiness in little things throughout the day, wouldn’t that make life THAT much more enjoyable?


So my advice to you? Slow down, enjoy where you are at right now, try to find at least one thing to fall in love with every single day, because at the end of the day, even if it’s been a rough one,looking back on the moments that you fell in love with, can make all the difference in the world.




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