7 Things That I’m Loving latley


Spoiled nail Polish in “Lets Get Sushi”

It’s a nice coral for summer and it has a slight shimmer!

And hello….it’s real cheap….like 1.99!!!


Sketchers Go Walk 2

These are my go to shoes, anytime, I have foot issues and I can walk in these ALL DAY

they are way comfy and feather light AND you can throw them in the wash and you wear them without socks!


I can’t stop playing Cold Plays new song Magic


Bending my self every which way to Sunday,I don’t get to do it every day, but Yoga is my life coping mechanism.


Chrissy Teigens’ Instagram page, OMG you guys, I just adore her, if you wanna good almost daily laugh, check out her page,

She is a trip!


Almost daily walks and rides with the husband and this little man of mine, This was taken at our “secret passage”

that connects one part of downtown to another. The fresh air and quality time is just what this soul needs.


My Mothers Day gift, my husband knows I LOVE Art Shows, I went crazy over this bracelet , so he bought it for me for mothers day 🙂

and I’m kind of obsessed with it lol


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