Memorial Day Weekend









Have you ever been had so much fun over a holiday weekend, that you need another break just to recover? That would be me. I think we had the best Memorial Day we have ever had this past weekend.

Lots of sun, lots of planting lots of food and friends and family……(sigh) wow.

Saturday we enjoyed cleaning up our yard and playing outside, then going out for mini golf and Ice Cream 😉

Sunday we did more yard work and then went to see our friends band play at the annual Rib Cook Off. 

My son got to see all his buddies and dance to the band for two straight hours.

Monday we got up early and met more neighbors for the Memorial Day parade and then a cook out at our house!

Wound down the evening with a bon fire and marshmallow roasting.

And today…..back to work…….

I am SO glad that summer has finally came!

I can’t wait for more fund weekends like these.



I got to spend LOADS of time with this hottie 😉








Hope your Weekend was good!




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