Recipe: Patriotic Strawberries


Hey……you want a recipe for Patriotic Strawberries that is really reaaaaalllly easy?

Of course you do.

I made these for Memorial Day but they would be great for Independence Day or

heck….every day is the perfect day for chocolate covered strawberries!

Here is what you will need to make these beauties.

Patriotic Strawberries

Strawberries (obviously) I used about 16 nice big ones

1 bag of white chocolate morsels or Confection Melts ( kind of like white chocolate)

Raspberry Blue Jello

Cookie sheet lined with either parchment paper or wax paper

Small cup with water

Now What?

Wash strawberries and remove the green stems

Dry them off and set aside

pour jello powder in a bowl ( just leave it dry)

Melt White chocolate ( or confection melts) in a double boiler. ( if you don’t have an actual double boiler,you can make one by filling up one pan halfway with water and placing a smaller pan inside of it. This is important because you DO NOT want to melt the chocolate over direct heat, trust me it wont work out.

Once the chocolate is liquefied, grab a strawberry and dip it in, then set it to dry on the paper lined cookie sheet.

When you have finished dipping all the strawberries, go back to the one you first dipped ( make sure it’s hardened) and dip it into the water then immediately into the blue jello powder about half way,

You have now created a red white and blue strawberry 🙂

Easy as pie!

You can also use blue sanding sugar if you have it handy. I did not, so the hubby actually came up with the jello idea.

You get the juicy berry, the crunch of the chocolate and the tang of the raspberry jello 🙂




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