If there is one thing that I learned from Maya Angelou…..


Maya Angelou passed away recently, Author of “I know Why The Caged Bird Sings”

and many other wonderful poems and stories.

One her most famous quotes

“If you don’t like something, Change it, if you can’t change it; change your attitude about it” -Maya Angelou

Is a quote that will forever be burned in my mind.

This quote resonates so deeply with me.

And it is so true.

She isn’t saying to “Learn to like a bad situation”


She is saying, if you can’t change it, then change the way you feel about it.

We all go through times in life that are depressing or maybe we aren’t exactly where we want to be.

But we are in those places in our life for a reason, noting happens by accident.

So enjoy where you are right now, and if you can change it, then do but if you can’t, than change your attitude

about it, doing so will help to get you through tough times.

And what a wonderful adage to carry along with you.

RIP Mrs. Angelou


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