5 Lessons That Changed The Way I See Life


Life is hard am I right? As much as we would love every day to be Unicorns and Rainbows, real life, REAL Nitty Gritty life, is rough.

But the older you get, the more you start to realize a few things, You become a veteran at pulling yourself out of bad days and keeping your head up in a dog eat dog world.

Feeling frustrated? Overwhelmed? Depressed? I got what you need!

5 Life lessons that will change the way that you look at life.

1. You cannot control the universe

No seriously, you can’t. So please stop trying. The more you fight the natural ebb and flow of life, the more frustrated that you will be. Sure you can choose your choices, but you cannot choose how the universe reacts. it is impossible.

You CAN however choose how you REACT to the universes occasional missteps. Take a bad situation, and try to find some good in it, try to find a reason to spin it in a good direction.

2. Do your best, forget the rest

Comparison is a killer, one of the worst things that we can do as humans, is compare our selves to others. That fact is, you are you, it is ok to be inspired by others, but you must BE YOUR OWN PERSON. Do the very best that YOU can do…..and let go of where everyone else is at or how much better someone might have done at something than you did. Screw that! You’re awesome! No go out with your bad self and do what you do best!

3. Even on your worst days, you are someones everything

I try to remember this when I am riding a wave of self loathing and depression. I stop and remember that I am my sons EVERYTHING, I may feel crappy about myself on that day, but he thinks that I am perfect and he looks up to me,and my Husband thinks I’m gorgeous and awesome, and suddenly, you know what?? What else matters? Who the hell cares that I am not super skinny or that I suck at doing something, my family has got my back and they think I rock!

4. The Universe tends to unfold as it should

Oddly enough I heard this quote for the first time in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle ( if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do)  but it has stuck with me for many years, this kind of relates to number one,in the fact that you cannot control the universe and that everything happens for a reason, sometimes we cannot see those reasons right away, but we have to trust there was a reason for it. Everything that has happend to you , was meant to either teach you something or it was just not the right time.

5. Karma is a bitch

I compare Karma to drinking Moonshine or hard Whiskey, it may go down smooth and undetectable, but a few minutes later it will burn like the dickens and make you wish you didn’t do it.

I have messed with karma and I have been burned….too many times….

Do good,get good in return…..do bad……may God Bless you, because Karma has a vendetta and she is coming for you.

I hope keeping these five things in mind will help you  to see the rough times in life a little better.

Keep your head up butter cup, it’s all down hill from here 😉




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